Why Developer Need to Learn Marketing to Get Web Development Clients

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What I’ve Learned Tried so Far

I recently learned how to create a Facebook ad campaign and planned to use this campaign to get new leads on potential client projects. I learned how to do it from an online tutorial and they made it seem so simple.

  • My ad targeted an audience of people who were interested in E-Commerce and Entrepreneurship (E-Commerce Web Design is my niche)
  • My ad reached 1,789 people as they were scrolling through their Facebook and Instagram feeds.
  • Out of those 1,789 people, only about 5 people clicked to view the landing page that the ad linked to, which means that the conversion rate on my ad was about 0.2% which is really bad
  • Out of those 5 people that clicked, all of them spent less than 30 seconds on the landing page of my ad which means that they left as soon as the page loaded or while it was loading.
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

What I will be doing moving forward

Moving forward, I will experiment with Google ads because Google is a platform that people use to find what they are looking for at the moment.



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Patrick Pierre

Patrick Pierre

I am a Software Developer who is passionate about contributing to the tech industry. Connect with me on https://twitter.com/Pierre_WebDev