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For a current client project I am working on, I wanted to use an accordion to hold certain chunks of information so that the user has an easier time looking at everything. I looked for different blog articles trying to find a good explanation of how to create an accordion, but all I found was code with no explanation. As a developer, I think it’s important to explain stuff to people in detail because some people aren’t just looking to copy the code and move on, they are looking to learn from the experience. …

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If you’re a new Web Developer, you’ve probably seen the words Object Oriented Programming being thrown around whenever you google stuff about Web Development. Object Oriented Programming (OOP for short) is one of the most important things you can learn in your new journey as a developer.

In this post, you’ll learn about the purpose of OOP, why you should care about it and how you can get started writing object oriented code.

By the way, just to let you know there are tons of videos and blog posts about the really advanced techniques and ideas involved in OOP so…

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I have a great news, I am nearing the end of my time at the flatiron bootcamp within the next month…yay

The reason why you should care about that is because I would like to create a series of posts documenting the basics of Ruby for those of you just starting your journey in a bootcamp.

The Ruby 101 Series will be a collection of short posts that will hopefully help you learn more about Ruby if you’re just starting out on your programming journey.

This series is meant to be a supplement in your studies and is not meant…

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So you can create a string and save it to a variable in JavaScript, that’s cool and all but how does that actually help you get started on using your newfound JavaScript skills on a real website?

Assuming you already learned the basics of html and css, the answer to the question is by using the Document Object Model (DOM). In this blog post I’m going to tell you all about what the DOM is and how you can use it in combination with JavaScript to make your websites or apps more dynamic.

I will also be giving you acccess…

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As a Web Developer there is so much stuff to learn and if you’re anything like me, sometimes you get lost in the sea of things you “need to know”.

But out of all those things you need to learn, there is one thing that will spice up your applications and make you look like an expert developer to potential employers.

That one thing is how to use an API.

Using an API allows you to make any website or web application more exciting and dynamic than what you can accomplish with html,css and javascript by themselves. …

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Burnout is a situation that all software developers can relate to and that we all strive to avoid at all cost

Picture this, you’re in the middle of building your first programming project in a JavaScript course that you recently bought. You started all wide-eyed and excited to build the project when you saw how easy the instructor did it but you can’t seem to get your code to work. You spend all week trying to google your way out of the problem but the people on stack overflow are speaking a language you don’t understand yet.

All of a sudden that project you wanted to build doesn’t seem as exciting as it did when you started.

Does any of that…

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